How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running For Longer

If you own and air conditioning unit, you need to know that some parts such as the filters, coils and fins of are extremely crucial and they are among the parts that need regular maintenance if they are going to perform optimally through its service years. When you neglect regular HVAC maintenance you are only contributing to the deterioration of the performance of your unit on one hand and paying unnecessary higher power bills on the other side. Hire a qualified HVAC contractor in Las Vegas who can improve your unit’s efficiency.

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Air conditioner filters: The most important thing that you can do in order to ensure that your air conditioner runs optimally is to always make sure that filters are kept clean and replaced as soon as they wear out. When filters are dirty and clogged, they will block normal airflow and in the process they reduce the system’s efficiency to a high degree. The air that bypasses an obstructed filter brings dirt with it into the evaporator and hampers the coil’s ability to absorb heat. Replacing clogged filters lowers energy consumption by up to 15%.

Air conditioner coils: The evaporator coils of your air conditioner and the condenser coils will collect dirt slowly as long as they are not serviced by a qualified HVAC repairs technician. When the filter is clean it prevents the evaporator coil from gathering too much dirt. When a good amount of dirt has collected on the coil it reduces the rate of airflow and insulates the coil so that it loses its ability to absorb heat. You can avoid this problem by having a HVAC contractor in Las Vegas check on the coil once a year and clean it as they may find necessary.

Coil fins: The fins on the condensers and evaporators are made of aluminum and as a result they can bend easily so that they end up blocking the flow of air through the coil. AC Maintenance contractors sell a tool that is known as a fin comb that can be used to comb the fins so that they get back to their original position.

Condensate drains: Try and pass a stiff wire through the drain channels every once in a while; when clogged they prevent the air conditioner from reducing humidity and the end result is too much moisture that will end up discoloring your carpets and walls. If you are unable to do this on your own you should call a HVAC contractor to assist. Last but not least, remember to have a HVAC contractor in Las Vegas inspect seal between the window and the air conditioner inspected especially at the beginning of every cooling season just to make sure it remains in contact with the metal case since moisture damages the seal causing cool air to escape from the house.



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